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Ambidexter Command Line

email Scott Turner


command line
ambidexter filename [option]...
ambidexter -v
ambidexter --version

options are:

-o filename
--out filename
--output filename
Specify output file (default is to the terminal, i.e. stdout).
--no-version (default)
Whether to display the version number of Ambidexter.
--lt (default)
--lower-types (default)
Whether to treat function and I/O types as equivalent to more fine-grained logical types. With --lower-types, the type s → t (of a by-value function) is equivalent to ¬(s ∧ ¬t), and the type s ↚ t (of a by-name function) is equivalent to ¬s ∧ t.

IOV t is equivalent to ¬IO t, and ION t is equivalent to IO ¬t.

--no-sm (default)
--no-strict-monad (default)
Strict monad alters execution of by-name monadic binding, i.e. { =:  ; } syntax. The left operand always returns an evaluated value. This is enforced by a change in the type matching rules for monadic binding coterms.
--tc (default)
--type-check (default)
Whether to infer static types and check type consistency.
--ul integer (default 50)
--unify-limit integer
Limit on the complexity which type inference (unification) will pursue.
--no-uc (default)
--no-unify-continue (default)
If the type inference (unification) limit is reached without encountering any conflicts, this controls whether execution continues.
--ce (default)
--compressed-evaluation (default)
Whether to compress the expression tree periodically (like garbage collection).
--no-verbose (default)
Whether to display the internal form of the program prior to excecution.
--no-tk (default)
--no-trace-kind (default)
Whether to trace unification of kinds.
--no-tu (default)
--no-trace-unify (default)
Whether to trace unification of types.
--no-tl (default)
--no-trace-lowering (default)
Whether to trace the lowering phase.
--no-tr (default)
--no-trace (default)
Whether to trace evaluation.
--qs (default)
--quick-stack (default)
Whether to display the stack in condensed form while tracing evaluation.
--no-ls (default)
--no-long-stack (default)
Whether to display the stack in long form while tracing evaluation.
--no-tt (default)
--no-trace-types (default)
Whether be verbose with the types of subexpressions.

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